Strategic Plan

Here at MERIT Resource Services we are always trying to improve on how we do things. In our efforts to grow and to improve, we have developed a Strategic Plan with input from Management,the Board of Directors, persons served, community partners, stakeholders and other interested parties.

In this effort we have scheduled a Strategic Planning retreat for our Management Team and Board of Directors to review our current strategies and update our plan.

We are interested in feedback on how we could improve services and have provided this feedback form page for you to submit suggestions and ideas.

Here is our current Strategic Plan:



MERIT Resource Services

2015 - 2016

STRATEGIC PRIORITY: Program Development

To initiate new programs and services and enhance existing services

-  Maintain and streamline services into Kittitas County

-  Review with Management Team and respond to appropriate Requests For Proposal’s 

STRATEGIC PRIORITY: Program Development

To initiate new programs and services and enhance existing services

- Refine policies and procedures to remain in compliance with new DBHR Rules

-  Develop and maintain client and contractual data base, stakeholder list

-  Technology development – improve response time to IT Problems

-  Technology development – Upgrade existing hardware and software


To improve professional standards and safety within the organization

-  Retention and Recruitment – Improve benefit packages

-  HR training and development

- Employee Handbook


To reduce and assess claims

-  Continued involvement with Greater Columbia Regional Service Network

STRATEGIC PRIORITY: Marketing and community environment

To enhance organizations profile through promotional activities

-  Increase local advertising at movie theatres, radio and local newspapers

-  Increase presence with local  probation and courts

-  Increase presence with other local referral sources


To enhance the long-term financial viability of the organization

-  To research and implement new revenue streams

-  Align agency with more traditional health care providers

-  Position agency for increased services with the advent of health care reform


-  Update Code of Conduct

-  Board Member Retention and Recruitment

-  Update Board Member Orientation Manual

-  Increase interaction between Board of Directors and Management Team

STRATEGIC PRIORITY:  Health and Safety

-  Emergency Evacuation Policy and Procedures

-  Other Emergency Training for all staff

-  Maintain agency wide safety team

Other Identiifed potential planning items:



Improved facilities and functions (media presentations, etc)

Improved benefit packages

Staff Retention and Recruitment

Increase Presence at Schools

Increase Presence in jails and institutions –

Prepare for April 2020 and merger with Primary Healthcare

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