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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan for Treatment in Central Washington

Improving Treatment

Growing and Improving

Here at Merit Resource Services, we are always trying to improve how we do things. In our efforts to grow and to improve, we have developed a strategic plan with input from management, the board of directors, persons served, community partners, stakeholders and other interested parties. In this effort, we have scheduled a strategic planning retreat for our management team and board of directors to review our current strategies and update our plan. We are interested in feedback on how we could improve services.

Here Is Our Current Strategic Plan

Merit Resource Services

2019 — 2020

MERIT has responded to the need and inability to address the needs of patients with Opiate addictions and or MAT involved but needs to continue to address this growing problem and continue to develop and improve upon responses
MERIT will continue to provide services to opiate addicted patients as well as those on MAT. MERIT will develop and improve specific policy and procedures to ensure the needs of opiate addicted patients and others on MAT are adequately served.
MERIT continues to experience difficulties with counselor shortages as well as viable support staff.
MERIT will increase and enhance its recruiting strategies
MERIT needs to continue to improve on its name recognition and interactions with social media.

Continue with advance advertising campaign in Tri Cities (serving our entire catchment area)

Continue to develop and improve on social media exposure

Focus on our 40th Anniversary Celebration to increase name recognition

MERIT has experienced significant problems with development of consistent reimbursement from multiple Managed Care Organizations

MERIT will increase billing and overall reimbursement staff to improve consistency

MERIT will develop better and more frequent interactions with MCO staff

MERIT has new funding from the state DMA (Dedicated Marijuana Account) that is specific to prevention activities and does not provide many prevention activities.

MERIT will develop new liaisons with community prevention programs

MERIT will purchase and provide Evidenced Based Practices that meet the DMA requirements

MERIT has limited interaction with Primary Care

MERIT will increase activities and liaisons with primary care practices in all of its communities

MERIT will begin to become involved with the Accountable Communities of Health. Initial plan developed by 7/1/2019.

MERIT will begin to become contracted with major players in the Managed Care Organizations. Ongoing.

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