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Recovery Therapy and Treatment

MERIT offers nationally and state-certified recovery therapy and treatment for all types of substance abuse disorders. We provide integrated care, including co-occurring individual and group therapy programs, as well as mental health services. Our comprehensive intake process ensures a plan custom tailored to meet your unique addiction treatment needs.

Take the First Step to Addiction Recovery with Walk-In Screening

We offer a variety of drug treatment services to improve your quality of life, including risk assessment and patient education, referrals, and additional support. The mental health and substance use disorder counseling professionals at our CARF-accredited outpatient rehab center know how to identify the signs of addiction and get you the exact help you need to put you on the path to a successful recovery.

Our Drug Treatment Center Performs Comprehensive Intakes and Evaluations

You can count on our caring staff to perform your intake without judgment and treat you with dignity and respect. We understand some questions may be difficult to answer, but honesty is key. Our thorough assessments will direct us to the best therapies to meet your needs depending on your drug use and habits. We want to ensure you have the education, therapy, tools, and community resources to manage daily challenges and avoid potential relapse triggers so you can live your best life.

Types of Addiction Therapy Services We May Recommend

We provide a variety of in-house substance abuse treatment programs. These may include evidence-based co-occurring individual and group counseling services such as:

Skills development groups

Those seeking substance abuse help often require new coping skills for managing real-life situations impacting substance misuse. Our skills development groups provide positive peer support and discussions on how to avoid triggers, control urges, and prevent relapse, as well as problem-solving, stress reduction, and anger management techniques.

12 step programs

In this program, you’ll go on a spiritual journey of acceptance and surrender to (your own) higher power. A series of actions from Alcoholics Anonymous inspire you to attain a mental, emotional, and spiritual shift in perception. Interpersonal connections, including sponsor and peer relationships, play a central role.

Seeking safety

Seeking safety therapy provides those who’ve suffered trauma, PTSD, and substance abuse techniques for coping with the past without reliving emotionally distressing life experiences. It offers a broad array of safe coping skills, helping people bridge the connection between trauma and addiction.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

CBT helps those struggling with addiction to identify moods, thoughts, and situations that drive the desire to abuse alcohol and drugs. Learning to avoid these triggers and replace negative thoughts and actions with healthy ones paves the way for addiction recovery success.

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)

A modified form of CBT designed for individuals with emotional regulation challenges and self-destructive behavior. It imparts skills that help those with substance use disorders live in the moment, manage intense emotions, cope with stress, and improve relationships.

Find the Best Recovery Programs for You Now

Take steps to a brighter tomorrow with recovery therapy and treatment at MERIT. Contact us at 877-789-3344 to schedule a consultation at our Ellensburg, Kennewick, Pasco, Sunnyside, Toppenish, Wapato, or Yakima outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation center today.

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Get in touch with our kind and caring staff about treatment services and for more information about what we do. Steps to a brighter tomorrow start now.

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