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Substance Use or Mental Health Crisis Line: 988

Serving Central Washington for Over 40 Years

Rehab Assessments, Treatment, and Counseling in the Tri-Cities

Don’t wait to start your journey to recovery. Get the substance abuse help you need close to home with rehab assessments, treatment, and counseling in the Tri-Cities from MERIT. We provide comprehensive CARF-accredited addiction therapy services, including outpatient services with flexible scheduling and online and telehealth options to make rehabilitation easier to access. Our addiction center services individuals at all income levels, offering affordable drug addiction treatment services.

Thorough Addiction Rehabilitation Assessments

Our experienced, caring staff will thoroughly assess your drug and alcohol usage habits, including how drug addiction has impacted your health and well-being, relationships, career, finances, and legal standing. We’ll also address any co-occurring medical and psychological issues that could affect your recovery. Most importantly, we’ll discuss your reasons for seeking treatment, ensuring your mental and spiritual needs are met. Our goal is to help those struggling with addiction, and your openness will ensure success. We’ll use this confidential information to develop a customized outpatient addiction treatment plan designed to facilitate a successful recovery based on your unique situation.

Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

MERIT offers many types of addiction therapy services to help you reach your short and long-term goals, including:

Drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation

We may recommend outpatient addiction rehab services for months to years for those dependent on drugs or alcohol, depending on your needs.

Addiction counseling services

If you’ve been abusing drugs and alcohol for 6-12 months, we may recommend in-person or online and telehealth addiction counseling.

Drug and alcohol school

We may recommend this program if you do not abuse or depend on drugs to ensure you understand the dangers of substance use.

Mental health counseling services

We may advise mental health counseling services if you have co-occurring mental health conditions that could impact treatment.

Addiction treatment referrals

We may recommend additional services like medical detox and intensive outpatient therapy if you need more intensive treatment.

Additional support services and resources

We offer support services and resources for those who need help outside treatment, such as food and housing.

Begin Your Substance Abuse Treatment Journey Today

Take steps to a brighter tomorrow. Contact MERIT at 877-789-3344 to schedule rehab assessments, treatment, and counseling in the Tri-Cities: Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland.

Reach Out for More Information

Get in touch with our kind and caring staff about treatment services and for more information about what we do. Steps to a brighter tomorrow start now.

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