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Anger Management Counseling in Central Washington

Anger management is more than a desirable skill—it’s your pathway to healthier relationships and a balanced life. MERIT offers anger management counseling along with our addiction treatment and recovery services to provide a comprehensive solution for improving your mental health. As a CARF-accredited agency, we are committed to providing high quality, evidence-based therapy options that help you or your loved one express their emotions in constructive ways.

What is Anger Management Counseling?

Anger management therapy teaches you how to handle stressful situations without resorting to anger. You will learn to identify triggers that lead to unhealthy behaviors and better ways to respond to these triggers. Through a variety of techniques, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, relaxation strategies, and communication training, you will gain the ability to navigate tense situations, express your feelings in a non-confrontational manner, and control your emotions.

What to Expect During Anger Management Counseling

At MERIT, your counseling sessions will take place in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. You will be encouraged to communicate at your own pace, without any pressure to discuss anything before you’re ready. During your sessions, you may engage in activities such as journaling, learning coping techniques, and discussing your progress. It’s normal to feel a bit nervous at first, but our therapists are dedicated to making you feel comfortable and earning your trust.

Long Term Changes Associated with Better Emotional Regulation

Anger management counseling is the first step in a transformative personal journey. Over time, you will learn to improve your communication skills, have healthier relationships, and manage your stress. With these tools, you’ll have a greater capacity to manage emotions and may find relief from symptoms of depression and anxiety. The journey to these outcomes may take months or even years, but the destination—a life with controlled anger and healthier interactions—is well worth the effort.

Evidence-Based Anger Management Counseling for All

For over four decades, MERIT has been a leading provider of affordable, high quality behavioral health services in Central Washington. We offer a variety of addiction treatments and therapies in both English and Spanish, with the goal of helping underserved communities get the support they need to live more fulfilling lives. Our sliding-fee scale ensures that everyone, both insured and uninsured, can benefit from our services.

Ready to take control of your emotions? Contact MERIT at 877-789-3344 to learn how anger management counseling can help you. We offer counseling in both English and Spanish at our locations in Ellensburg, Kennewick, Pasco, Sunnyside, Toppenish, Wapato, and Yakima.