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Substance Use or Mental Health Crisis Line: 988

Serving Central Washington for Over 40 Years

Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Center in Yakima

MERIT’s drug treatment and rehabilitation center in Yakima provides comprehensive substance use disorder care. We offer CARF-accredited outpatient addiction treatment for English and Spanish-speaking adults, teens, and children. Our individual, group, and family programs provide a positive, judgment-free environment for achieving a successful recovery from this treatable disorder.

Alcohol Abuse

Get compassionate care for alcohol addiction at our Yakima alcohol treatment center. We offer options for everyone, including popular 12-step programs Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon, available in-person and online.

Substance Abuse

Recover from addiction to all types of substances, from marijuana and opiates to benzodiazepines, stimulants, and inhalants, at MERIT’s Yakima substance abuse clinic. Our addiction rehab professionals will design the ideal program to meet your unique drug treatment needs, ensuring you have access to support services that keep you on track to success.

Mental Health

Addiction goes beyond physical dependency. Address every factor in recovery with mental health services for addiction at MERIT. Our dual-credentialed mental health and substance use disorder counselors offer comprehensive care, helping you manage anxiety, depression, bipolar, and personality disorders impacting recovery.

Recovery Navigation

Gain access to life-changing, locally available drug treatment and support services in Yakima. Our team of Certified Recovery Peers has real-world experience, providing the addiction support, social services, and community connections you need to ensure success.

Detox Screenings

Avoid the dangers of sudden withdrawal. Ensure a safe, comfortable transition to recovery, avoiding debilitating physical and mental withdrawal symptoms with our comprehensive outpatient detox services in Yakima.

Get Substance Abuse Treatment Help Now

Take the first steps toward recovery at MERIT’s drug treatment and rehabilitation center in Yakima. We have the resources you need to ensure success and prevent relapse. Contact us at 877-789-3344 to schedule a consultation at our Yakima outpatient rehab center today.

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Get in touch with our kind and caring staff about treatment services and for more information about what we do. Steps to a brighter tomorrow start now.

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