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Family Therapy

Those seeking substance abuse help are far more likely to achieve recovery goals with support from their families. Addiction is a family disease, and family dynamics play a crucial role in ensuring individuals with substance use disorders resist using drugs or alcohol. Establish healthy family dynamics and break harmful habits with assistance from a trained, neutral MERIT family therapy specialist. With proper education, your family can provide the support your loved one needs to recover from addiction.

Benefits of Family Therapy in Addiction Treatment

Family counseling helps everyone better understand the nature of addiction and how it impacts behavior so that all family members can play a positive, active role in alcohol and drug addiction recovery. It’s effective in addressing relationship issues surrounding addiction and preventing future generations from perpetuating the substance abuse cycle.

Addiction Support Customized to Your Family’s Needs

MERIT offers therapy programs for families of all ages and backgrounds. We’re here to guide your family through the healing and recovery process, whether you’re a newly married couple or a multigenerational household. We understand each family system is unique and suffers when a member is impaired, or communication breaks down. Our goal is to help each person express and process feelings in a safe environment.

A Strong Foundation Ensures Lasting Success

Family therapy offers many tools to assist your family with resolving conflict and dysfunction:

Uncovering relationship dynamics

From enablers to scapegoats and heroes, each unique role played by spouses, parents, and children impacts family function and the addiction recovery experience.

Resolving conflicts and rebuilding communication

Rebuilding trust and restoring relationships by addressing conflicts and communication problems paves the way for a healthier, more stable home environment.

Overcoming addiction stigmas

Learn how you’re helping or unknowingly impeding your loved one’s journey to recovery.

Setting boundaries

Helping each family member learn how to set boundaries is essential for a healthy, successful family recovery.

Practicing self-care

Addiction treatment understandably focuses on the person with the substance use disorder. However, family members may need support, too, such as Al-Anon, Nar-Anon, and mental health counseling.

Types of Family Counseling Activities

Restoring harmony in your family takes time and work. During family therapy, we’ll help each member find new ways to relate to one another and work through common feelings like anger, resentment, or estrangement, promoting personal growth and re-establishing connections through activities like open discussion, role playing, journaling, writing a letter to oneself or others, learning new communication techniques, restructuring family dynamics, or recommending other one-on-one or group therapies. 

We understand scheduling can be difficult, offering in-person outpatient, telehealth, and online counseling programs to meet your needs.