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Serving Central Washington for Over 40 Years

Rehab Evaluation and Intake in Tri Cities

Take the first step to a brighter tomorrow with a rehab evaluation and intake in Tri Cities from MERIT. Our outpatient addiction treatment center provides comprehensive, CARF-accredited care, offering same-day admission. We understand the faster you get the addiction treatment services you need, the greater your chances of recovery success.

Walk-In Addiction Rehab Services

Our Tri Cities substance use disorder clinic provides fast access to addiction therapy for Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland residents. We’re here to guide you as you start the rehabilitation process. Our drug and alcohol treatment specialists will let you know what to expect throughout your journey. We’ll also review insurance coverage and available payment options. Our clinic supports recovery for all, offering services on a sliding scale so your finances never get in the way of getting addiction treatment.

Rehab Evaluation and Intake Process

During your drug rehabilitation intake and assessment at our Tri Cities substance abuse clinic, we’ll cover important information that will assist us in creating a personalized addiction treatment program for you, including:

  • Stage of intoxication
  • Frequency of drug use
  • Probability of withdrawal and subsequent care requirements
  • Medical and psychological conditions
  • Your likelihood of relapse and pattern repetition
  • Family and friends available to help you during recovery
  • Social factors impacting your health and wellness

Throughout your evaluation, we encourage you to speak openly about your drug use history. All information you provide remains confidential. We also invite you to ask questions and share your goals and concerns. Our friendly staff will always treat you with respect. We understand every individual’s drug and alcohol treatment journey is unique, tailoring your care to ensure patient satisfaction and successful recovery.

In-Depth Drug Addiction Treatment Evaluations

After your drug rehab assessment, we’ll conduct a thorough medical exam and mental health evaluation to identify any co-occurring issues. We’ll also discuss your family’s medical and substance use history and your current family, work, and social life, considering any legal and financial issues impacting recovery. Most importantly, we want to know your reasons for seeking care, your willingness to participate in treatment and make positive changes, and any spiritual needs you believe will help you along the way. Our comprehensive evaluations ensure you’ll be matched with the best drug treatment programs to accomplish your short and long-term goals.

Comprehensive Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services

We offer many types of addiction therapy services to meet your needs:

  • Outpatient addiction treatment
  • Intensive outpatient addiction treatment
  • Online and telehealth addiction recovery programs
  • Mental health services
  • Essential recovery resources and supportive services

Start the Journey to a Brighter Future

Don’t wait to start addiction treatment services. MERIT provides fast access to rehabilitation, serving cities throughout the Yakima Valley region, including Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland. Walk in or contact us at 877-789-3344 to schedule a rehab evaluation and intake in Tri Cities today.

Tri Cities

The Tri Cities of Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland of Benton and Franklin County offer beautiful weather and agricultural abundance in the heart of Washington. The region is filled with STEM-related industries and opportunities, housing Lockheed Martin, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Manhattan Project National Historical Park, LIGO Hanford Observatory, and Bechtel National Planetarium. MERIT proudly serves Tri Cities families, providing comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment services.