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Cannabis Youth Screening

Cannabis use disorder (CUD) among young people is a significant problem. Detecting at-risk users is essential to prevent serious substance abuse escalation. MERIT works with agencies and parents to provide fast, affordable cannabis youth screening, referrals, and outpatient drug treatment services.

Dangers of Youth Cannabis Use

Early and frequent use of cannabis can negatively impact a young person’s life, leading to:

      • Greater likelihood of persistent, daily use as an adult
      • Increased risk of dependency on other drugs
      • Neuropsychological and neurodevelopmental decline
      • Increased risk of injury and illness with heavy use
      • Poor school, job, and relationship outcomes
      • Higher risk of depression and suicidal tendencies

Youth Cannabis Use Disorder – Screening and Intervention

MERIT provides accessible, affordable cannabis screenings to ensure a brighter future for our youth. Our thorough cannabis screenings utilize the SBIRT method. Preliminary screening (S) identifies at-risk cannabis users based on self-reporting, parent consultation, agency referral, or urine drug screening. After a brief intervention (BI) considering drug use severity, level of risk, physical and mental health, and other co-occurring factors, referral to treatment (RT) ensures the best tools to facilitate a smooth path to successful recovery.

Possible Interventions and Treatments for Youth Cannabis Use

MERIT recommends treatment options based on medical necessity with the goal of reducing use, including:

Prevention education

MERIT may recommend prevention education curricula, such as Guiding Good Choices, or local youth and peer education and support groups.

Biopsychosocial assessment

After a thorough intake and assessment by MERIT’s trained staff, co-occurring medical and mental health services may be advisable for those with existing physical, mental, and emotional conditions.

Detox and withdrawal management

Our detox screening and treatment services ensure a safe, comfortable transition, minimizing withdrawal symptoms and severity.

Intensive outpatient treatment (IOP)

IOP, which is longer and more intensive than traditional outpatient detox programs, may be recommended for individuals with moderate to severe substance use disorders, including more in-depth monitoring between home stays.

Referrals to other programs as needed

We may recommend youth and family counseling, including skills and training sessions to help cannabis users better manage recovery. We may also refer those in need to available housing, food assistance, and other supportive resources.


Once primary inpatient or outpatient treatment is complete, we will also recommend cannabis youth treatment (CYT) outpatient groups to ensure a successful, lasting recovery.

Don’t Wait On Youth Cannabis Drug Addiction Treatment

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