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Family Counseling

Family participation can play a crucial role in drug addiction recovery. Ensure the support your whole family needs to overcome substance use disorders. Put an end to this familial disease with family counseling at MERIT. Establish healthy family dynamics, break harmful habits, and build the foundation necessary to achieve recovery for all with help from a professional, neutral MERIT family therapy specialist. 

What to Expect in Family Counseling

Following a family evaluation and assessment, we’ll guide you through the drug addiction rehabilitation process. Understanding the nature of addiction ensures each family member can play a positive, active role in recovery. During counseling, you’ll explore how drug use disorders impact behavior and relationships so you can help your loved one overcome addiction and stop future generations from continuing the substance abuse cycle.

We work with families of all ages and backgrounds, from newly married couples to blended families and multigenerational households. Our experienced family therapists understand each family system is unique and the hardships that result from losing a family member to addiction. We’re here to help families address breakdowns in communication and express and process feelings in a safe setting, ensuring you have the necessary resources to overcome treatment obstacles.

Family Counseling Tools for Success

Our family therapy services provide the education and resources you need to build a strong foundation for a lasting recovery:

Exploring relationship dynamics

We’ll help you understand how roles played by spouses, parents, and children, such as enablers, scapegoats, and heroes, can improve family dynamics and drug addiction recovery outcomes.

Learning how to resolve conflicts and rebuild communication

Discover new ways to communicate, work through anger, resentment, and estrangement, and restore trust, creating a healthier, more stable home with assistance from our professional therapists.

Identifying and avoiding addiction stigmas and scapegoats

Uncover how you’re helping or unintentionally impeding yourself or your loved one during recovery therapy and treatment.

Establishing healthy boundaries

Ensuring each family member has established healthy boundaries helps you avoid potential relationship pitfalls that can impede recovery.

Taking time for self-care

While addiction treatment focuses on the individual with the substance use disorder, we understand other family members may need support, too, such as Al-Anon, Nar-Anon, or mental health counseling.

Each session your family completes promotes personal growth and rebuilds connections. Activities may include one-on-one or group therapy featuring open discussion, role-playing, journaling, and take-home tasks.

Outpatient, Telehealth, and Online Family Counseling

Restoring family harmony takes time and work. However, we understand today’s busy families may find scheduling in-person, outpatient therapy sessions difficult. We offer telehealth and online family counseling services to make addiction recovery accessible even for families with the busiest schedules.

Work Together and Achieve Lasting Addiction Recovery

Ensure a smoother path, stop the cycle of addiction, and overcome substance use disorders with family counseling at MERIT. Contact us at 877-789-3344 to schedule a family consultation at our Ellensburg, Kennewick, Pasco, Sunnyside, Toppenish, Wapato, or Yakima rehabilitation center today.